Enhanced Bass For Rocking & Moving

  • Custom Molds in only 5 Minutes!
  • Single driver, dynamic speaker
  • Crisp, detailed sound
  • Excellent frequency response with hard driving bass
  • Safe and Comfortable SonoFit™ Fitting Process.
  • Sculpted shape creates Sound Isolation “Acoustic Seal”
  • Molded forms provide secure fit so earphones do not fall out even when active!
  • Protects your hearing warning >

PCS-150 Packaging

10.75” x 11.5” x 2.5”
1.3 lb
What’s included in the box:
SonoFit™ Fitting System
1 Tube of Fitting Lubricant
2 Earphone Faceplates
1 Carrying Case
1 User Manual
1 Fitting Guide
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